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Welcome to Bellingham Spinal Care

Dr. Todd Smith, D.C. is the owner and chiropractor of Bellingham Spinal Care and specializes in NUCCA chiropractic care. NUCCA is a gentle, highly precise method of correcting the spine and does not involve twisting, cracking, or popping of the spinal joints.

Welcome to Bellingham Spinal Care, your go-to specialist center for specialized NUCCA chiropractic services. Dr. Todd Smith embarks on his mission each day, determined to deliver precise and gentle care aimed at alleviating various health conditions that can hamper your everyday life.

From those persistent headaches that ruin a perfectly good morning to chronic pain syndromes – we get right down to the root cause using our unique approach which has garnered positive feedback time and again.

Back troubles, neck stiffness, or knee pain keeping you from enjoying life’s little joys? We’re here for you! Our ultimate goal isn’t simply treating symptoms but rather enhancing overall wellness and functionality – personalized care tailored just for you so you can fully embrace an enriched quality of life once again.

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NUCCA stands for National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association , an organization of chiropractor

Our Chiropractic Services

At Bellingham Spinal Care, we offer specialized chiropractic adjustment care for a range of conditions. Each treatment plan is individualized to the patient’s unique needs and health goals, ranging from relief from chronic neck pain to improving your body wellness.

We utilize precise NUCCA techniques – a gentle approach without cracking or popping – ensuring comfortable and effective adjustments.

Our services extend beyond back and neck pain to address other forms of discomfort including headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder pain, sciatica among others. For athletes suffering from runner’s knee or tennis elbow, our team provides targeted treatments to enhance healing and quick recovery.

If you’ve suffered an auto accident injury that troubles your daily activities, our compassionate team can help alleviate the painful consequences with thorough massage therapy sessions and corrective care plans.

We believe in the holistic approach towards overall wellness and offer more than mere symptom relief! Our aim is not only about making patients feel better temporarily but enhancing their quality of life with our comprehensive chiropractic services.

Why Choose Us

At Bellingham Spinal Care, we hold your health in the highest regard. Our dedication to offering personalized care sets us apart. We start by understanding your unique needs and condition before developing a tailored treatment plan that aims to restore your health and enhance quality of life.

Our commitment doesn’t end with offering world-class chiropractic services. We also ensure you receive the most advanced, precise chiropractic care available since our specialists are among only a few hundred worldwide trained in the NUCCA method, which focuses on gentle adjustments without twisting or cracking, providing effective pain relief from headaches, neck pain, back complications, chronic pain syndromes and more.

We understand that each patient requires individualized attention for optimal healing results. Therefore, we offer comprehensive treatments including massage therapy and corrective care, intending to boost overall body wellness rather than just addressing symptoms.

You’ll find us consistently going beyond expectations because we believe everyone deserves excellent care for an improved wellbeing journey.


Had great care and caring staff

Steven H

I can do the happy dance! The older you are the more you need to do this. thank you….thank you….thank you

JoAnne W

Great experience with Dr. Smith at Bellingham Spinal Care! Only NUCCA chiropractic doctor in Bellingham and really made a difference!

David M

Solid Doctor. NUCCA is the best. Dr. Todd is friendly and professional. Thanks for getting me vertical again.


Dr. Todd’s alignments are painless and super effective. The pain relief lasts nearly twice as long as my previous chiropractor!

Ed M

What to Expect

Upon your arrival, our compassionate team warmly welcomes you into our serene wellness environment.

After a detailed consultation with Dr. Smith to understand your health history and goals, we proceed to perform in-depth evaluations. This includes diagnostic procedures such as precision X-rays when appropriate. Based on these findings, Dr. Smith tailors an individualized care plan leveraging NUCCA chiropractic techniques to help restore body wellness and enhance your quality of life.

Our gentle approach emphasizes pain relief from conditions like chronic neck pain or accident injury while promoting overall well-being through holistic care strategies that extend beyond the treatment table. Throughout your healing process, regular monitoring ensures modifications to treatment plans for optimal effectiveness in managing ailments ranging from knee pain to migraine headaches.

A follow-up is scheduled after treatments to discuss progress and make suitable adjustments if necessary for comprehensive corrective care; wellbeing embodies more than just physical health! We are always striving towards achieving each patient’s health goals by consistently improving our services through dedication and expertise.